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athletes TT rules

Back in 2009, the club has decided to add a new Championship to the schedule, The Athletes TT.  The idea behind the event is to see how quickly riders can go without any aerodynamic devices or TT bikes to help level the playing field for those who can't  afford Disc Wheels or TT bikes.

The rules for the Athletes TT are as follows:

  • No TT bikes, only normal Road Bikes (e.g. the kind you would use in a Road Race)
  • No Disc Wheels or Deep Rimmed Aero Wheels.  Rims must not exceed 30mm in depth.
  • No tri bars or cow horns.  Drop handlebars only.
  • No Aero Helmets or Aero Fairings, although we do recommend everyone uses a normal Road Helmet.
  • Skinsuits and Aero Oversocks are OK.

If you want to ride the event on your TT bike you can, you just won’t qualify for the Championship.