From the Chairman

In these unprecedented times may I take a moment.


We are a club based on a passionate hobby one that brings pain and a level of suffering.

A sport where I, like many of us, strive with quite some effort to be, let us face it pretty mediocre, but and it’s a big but I do love it.

I love battling up a big hill into a headwind because it makes me feel alive.


There is also a strong social bond that comes from that collective joy and suffering.

So, at this time with club activities on hold, do take time to buddy up and go for a spin with another rider, maybe check out a new local route or dust of the mud plugger for a blast in the woods a spin across the plain.


Obviously, we must adhere to lockdown rules, but exercise is a necessity and important for physical and mental health.


For some extra motivation check out Ray’s (Redman) on-line Power-cycle sessions. They will be running as early morning on-line activities, so that is well worth a look.

Contact Max/ Will at Power-Cycle for details.


You may also like to take a look at some tips and guidance on the British Cycling website.

British Cycling Updated Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance


Finally, please try to stay in touch with people in this wintery post-Christmas season.

You never know who might need a lift or a friendly voice.

Be safe and ride like a kid with a new bike for Christmas.



Andover Wheelers Chairman